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Karen Henry

Client Services Manager & Co-Founder of Wayne Henry Mortgages.

Ensuring our clients are protected is such an important step in our home loan process. Far too many Kiwis float through life unprepared for a possible interruption – be it an accident, an illness, or something more tragic.

Ask yourself: 
“Would I still be able to afford my mortgage or medical expenses if I was unable to earn an income in the future?” If the answer is no, then we can help.

That’s why we have joined forces with Partners Life, who are all about getting everyday Kiwis covered and covered properly. They share the same values as us, which is the reason why we’ve chosen to work closely with them, so that together we can make sure that if the unexpected were to happen you are well and truly sorted.

The Products

If you are interested in further product details, or want to discuss which products might be right for you, your family or your business, please get in touch with us.

Our Made to Measure Advice

When it comes to life insurance, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach just won’t cut it. We tailor insurance specifically to you. We take the time to learn about what’s important in your life, as well as help you to understand your financial risks. Our made to measure advice helps gives you the very best chance to getting your claims paid quickly without any unforeseen road bumps.

We Will:

Provide a free consultation with no strings attached
Offer independent advice about insurance providers and costs
Make sure you get the insurance that’s right for you
Ensure you only pay for what you need (and no more)

Humble Beginnings

Partners Life are proud to be a New Zealand operated company. Like many Kiwi companies, they began with humble beginnings as a small start-up in 2011. Since then, they have become a recognised industry leader in life and health insurance, with a focus on protecting Kiwi families and businesses. Find out more about Partners Life or contact us to find out how we can provide peace-of-mind.

Great partnerships providing peace-of-mind

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